NY&Co , provides marketing , sales and management solutions & consultancy services to the distinguished local and international hotel brands,high-end restaurants,destinations and all tourism companies.

As a specialist in traditional and digital marketing, pr and operations its range of services extends from hotels and resorts ,restaurants to cafes to spas and other hotel and tourism related entities.

NY & Co also does brand representations for destinations and brands seeking to set up operations and do business in Turkey.


We have a considerable experience and accumulation in the hospitality sector .

We know the dynamics of the sector very well. Therefore we advise hotel owners ,investors, developers and operators on how to maximise  profitability and enhance their reputation.

We work as a solution partner in all processes which are required to be done. Our experienced and professional team closely monitors the leading international tourism fairs as well as the national tourism fairs The tour operator connections developed in these fairs to the services of the cooperating businesses and carry out marketing and promotional activities on these platforms in their behalf.

Thanks to ongoing positive cooperation with many sectors outside the sector and sector, it supports communications, publicity and PR activities on behalf of the client, plans news, announcements and supports appropriate budget advertising agreements. We are part of the International Society of Hospitality Consultants.


Nermin Yurtoğlu is the Founder and CEO of NY&Co

Nermin Yurtoglu ,owner and founder of NY&Co, has comprehensive operational background and extensive experience at hospitality and tourism business for more than twenty years. She has Bsc in Department of Tourism and Hotel Management at Bilkent University Then, Ecolé Hotelier in Switzerland, one of the most prestigious tourism schools in the world, received a post-graduate education in Lausanne and studied Digital Marketing at City University in London. She was CEO of a tourism group which is known for its luxurious investments in the historical peninsula of Istanbul,

Nermin Yurtoglu is an indispensable business partner for many well known brand hotels, restaurants, cafes, yachts and jewellery companies .Ms. Nermin Yurtoglu is originally from Turkish but has a wide-ranging international background. She is a professional traveller and column writer, and photographer.She is written about travel ,gastronomy,culture and entertaintment (www.travelgoddess.com; www.nerminyurtoglu.com) If she is not working, you will find her in the mountains skiing running or designing  jewellery.

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